Supo Spot (1997)

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LP/CD - The Kitty Kitty Corporation CHOOSY 8

Quickspace Happy Song Number One
Unique Slippy
Found a Way
Do It My Own Way
The Whiff n' Spoof Song
Exemplary Swishy
Where Have All the Good Times Gone
Song for NME
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This is a compilation of all the early singles and rare tracks.


thanks j digby, r p sheherd, r bill, l paulin, j lissies, i bell, d & s holiday, a m shields, j endescott, wendy, max, barry, j free, eric j, sean, erme & graeme, s buchannon, b wilson, pete, maik & gereint, deliah, i rosenthal, trish & eric, jam, k dowel, s albert, gonzalo & luis, friend sleevers, mitch, joe computer, j peel, a howe, piao, naomi winsong, a & j cochrane
plus those we've forgot & all who bought records, came to gigs, or sent us strange letters especially if you didn't get a reply, fraid i've lost your number.

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