About: Th' Faith Healers, Pop Song EP

- from an interview with Paul Cox and Richard Roberts, owners of Too Pure Records

The next step [after setting up the company] was to put themselves further in debt by spending money on a single by Th' Faith Healers, who were being offered demo-time by ZTT and Virgin and were about to support on the first Lush tour.

Roberts: "We saw in them a band we were set up to do: a band that record companies would never understand and who'd probably be misrepresented at every level."

Cox: "They were flabbergasted when we approached them. Our angle to them was, 'Look, we're crazy enough to release your records'."

The resulting 'Pop Song' 12" - a ground-breaking piece of grunge-pop, pre-dating the last 12 months of post-Nirvana euphoria - was swiftly followed by a second single, 'Gorgeous Blue Flower', which cracked the indie charts.

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