Th' Faith Healers. Thx to Paul Early for the picture.

Th' Faith Healers

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This site is dedicated to the memory of Th' Faith Healers, the first band on the London-based label Too Pure. They recorded a couple of EPs and two LPs between 1990 and 1993, and although their singles reached the UK Indie Top Twenty, their success might best be described as "moderate" - which I personally can't understand - surely everyone who hears them must notice their utter brilliance.

They disbanded in 1994 after a tour to the States. Roxanne wanted to return to art college, Joe to his photographic studio, while Ben returned to his job as a tree surgeon and Tom formed a new band called Quickspace.

In early 2006, th' Healers regrouped for a number of concerts in Berlin, the USA and London. There are no immediate plans to record new material.

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