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Site credits

Th' Faith Healers web site was conceived, designed, programmed and all that by me (a.k.a. Horst Prillinger) using World Wide Web Weaver and BBEdit for the Macintosh. Feel free to send ideas, suggestions and comments.

Read this website's privacy policy (in German).

This web site was the first one I ever designed. It started back in 1996 and hasn't changed much since. I've done other, fancier things in the meantime, but I'd really like to remain this the way it was years ago. Call it sentimentality. Hope you don't mind.

Have fun & take care -- th' Healers rule forever.
-Horst P.

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Special thanks (in alphabetical order) to:

Andy Barratt, for the 'Happy Song' scan;
Jeremy Caine, for the 'Jones' scan;
Brad Davis, for a number of pics and clippings;
Andy Dean, for the Faith Healers/Quickspace Peel Sessions tape, the record shop addresses and the tip about the 'Picture of Health' EP;
Hugh Doherty, for sending me colour photocopies of the first three Healers EP covers;
Paul Early, for some material from Roz's collection;
Dave Ehrlich, for his articles, pictures, and for the Quickspace tape;
JJ Heldmann, for the 'Godz' and 'Found a Way' scans;
David Lawton, for the t-shirt scans;
Andrew Norman, for the 'Superplus', 'Amigo' and 'Mountain' scans;
Craig Parker, for 'God You Move';
Neil Parkes, for the 'NME C96' scan;
Roz, for allowing me a glance at her memorabilia and Th'Faithful archive, for several scans from said archive, and for a pleasant day in Brighton;
Jochen Stepan, for the 'My Loser' scan;
Th' Healers, for okaying this website and the use of thfaithhealers.com;
Eric Wittmershaus, for the 'Go ABBA' scan.

More thanks...

Thanks also to the following people, for sending all kinds of input that ended up on these pages:

Tom Carter, David Chang, Richard Ellenson, Erica Lee, Robert Gaggin, Joanna Grace, Jacob, Dave Milsom, Tim Procter, Will Savvy, Tim Wade.

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