(Quickspace line-up c.1999: Chin, Paul Shilton, Nina Pascale, Tom Cullinan, Sean Newsham)


Tom Cullinan
guitar and vocal
Roxanne Stephen
Ed Grimshaw
Louis Jack-Jones

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Quickspace are the second incarnation of a band that began under the name of 'Quickspace Supersport' and weeded the ground between the early-90s grunge and middle-90s Stereolabby moogie drone. Although most songs are written by former Faith Healers guitarslinger Tom Cullinan, whose guitar playing remains a distinctive element, a comparison between the two bands does not really seem adequate, as Quickspace have moved a considerable distance from th' Healers post-punk explorations.

So far, their output consists of a number of singles and EPs and three albums. Some of the earlier singles have been re-released on a compilation album called Supo Spot. Most of their material was released on their own label Kitty Kitty.

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